I have personally decided that we officially need a rework on the YouTuber rank. I have not looked at any applications due to the insufficient of time I have. I have decided now that I will rework the YouTuber rank and how it will be ran.

We will have new requirements and much more! A brief description about how I am changing it is the following.
  • YouTubers must have joined the FORUMS for more then one month
  • YouTubers must have one video about MineRidge every two weeks
  • YouTubers must have appropriate videos about MineRidge
  • YouTubers must at least have two vouchers (supporters)
These "two" vouchers must also joined the FORUMS for more then one month.

The requirements revamp will be posted on the thread in a few hours. 

Our Black Friday Sale will occur exactly at 11:59 (-8 PST) for an 70% off. This will occur throughout our whole store!! This will not apply to MineRidge BANS. 

Hopefully the revamp of the YouTuber rank will help MineRidge advertisements!
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