We have finally finished the event "Factions , Last Faction Standing" Thanks for everyone who participated. The vouchers will be distributed this upcoming Friday! The Rank Prefix and Shop patch has been applied while our VoteParty, Mystery Crates, and Kits are currently on hold until we apply the that patch!

The Prison BETA Release is still ready to go for this upcoming November 22 so be sure you are free that day so you can hop on the Prison server first! We have changed the day one ahead just to be precaution and also, I will not be on during that day! 

Happy Thanks Giving!
November has already been here for 17 days and Thanks Giving is coming up! Are you ready for that BlackFriday Sale after Thanks Giving! Our Thanks to you is a 45% Sale Off + 500 Ridge Tokens for every donation you do!

45 % Sale will last NOV 16 -NOV 28
BLACK FRIDAY SALE 70% OFF will occur on NOV 28!! This will last the WHOLE DAY!

Get ready for our next upcoming patch! The "Christmas Surprise" patch!
MineRidge Staff Team
Tomershaymor AdminLegend hmm so what you mean its: 1.more op 2.more time per use ?
Tangk Donator I have a comment about the kits being OP or not, most ppl are saying that they should be more op and I think its bc new ...