Mine Ridge
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Alien Invasion

RidgeRecker aOwner posted 12 hours ago
Around 6 hours ago, aliens landed on planet Mine Ridge and started to cause some trouble. They used their laser blasters to destroy chunks of spawn and make a lot of Mine Ridge civilians mad!

We have been working to repair the damage caused by the aliens, and we can safely say that planet Mine Ridge has been repaired. We are now working to improve the security of Mine Ridge and multiplying our defenses to ensure an alien invasion never occurs again!

We have unbanned the innocent civilians that may have been banned by the aliens!

The server has been rolled back 6 hours from now. We are sorry for anyone who may have been affected. To compensate, we will be having a drop party on Friday night at 5 PM PST (Saturday morning 10 AM AUS) on the Mine Ridge server at

Thanks for your patience and continuous support,
MineRidge Team

Obsession_ They fucking took away my virginity, this can't be rolled back.
Tomershaymor o can you rollback my base in the way? some other aliens x-rayed my base
Tsmasher it will be great that we can get some of our stuff back the aliens took but i literally just died after you gave me tha ...

Event Day: 7/19

K3Feedz aOwner posted Sat at 15:58
MineRidge will be a Event Day this Saturday! Get in-game to join us with events!

Log in on Saturday, July 19 and play Hunger Games with us! During this Event Day, you will be able to receive double amount of rewards then usual! On top of that, killing a Staff Member will earn you an extra $1000 In game currency! 

Hot Day
Saturday, July 19 ( 12 AM - 23:59 PM Pacific )
Arieseira eh i was playing hg for like an hour straight and i was paying the winner 2-3k from my own money, so im cooler then u :3
៦៤Cib៤៦|PoopClan|CultOfMoody what happen if mark /kill everyone in the server?
Obsession_ Plot twist: staff's graduated from acting class and are good actors/actress, mark gets trolled and give away tons of mon ...

Regarding ReconCraftMC donators

K3Feedz aOwner posted Jul 8, 14

If you made a rank purchase to ReconCraftMC, we will be giving you a credit voucher code with the amount you donated to ReconCraftMC. You will be able to spend this voucher on our new shop!

Why we are doing this?
We felt it's the least we could do to help ease the transition of ex-players and donators. We hope that you will be able to share your adventure with us here on MineRidge.

In order to receive your voucher, you will need to apply on this form.
You will mostly need your transaction ID and the email you donated with. If you don't have either, you will not get a voucher in return. If someone donated for you, ask he or she for the transaction id and email.

The form is now available, you can fill in the details and get your credit, here:

Link: http://www.mineridge.net/profile/2827790

MineRidge Team

RockerOfNether cpara I filled a form but forgot the ID but now I put all 3 When will I get the voucher and will it be by email?
cpara10 Admin To clarify things. No transaction id and email means you won't get a voucher.
KSdoesninja its just pissing me off seeing some kids lying that they donated

Independence Day Event!

K3Feedz aOwner posted Jul 4, 14
Celebrate this upcoming Independence Day weekend with three days of 2x mcMMO, as well a Drop Party on Saturday!

Log in during Saturday, July 5 to participate in this Drop Party!

2x mcMMO
Friday, July 4 - Sunday, July 6, 2014
Pacific: 12 AM - 4 AM & 2 PM- 6 PM
Eastern: 3 AM - 7 AM & 5 PM- 9 PM

Drop Party
Saturday, July 5, 2014 (4 PM - 4:15 PM Pacific)

We have reached over 50 PLAYERS! Here is your reward from us to you!

Friday, July 4 - Sunday, July 6, 2014

zGalaxyHD Log in during Saturday, July 5 to participate* in this Drop Party!


RidgeRecker aOwner posted Jul 2, 14  -  cracked mineridge ranks server shopupdates

The server is no longer in BETA mode, and most features have been setup. However, we're still going to update the server with more features when ever we can!

Previously, we posted our goals for MineRidge and the player count milestones we hope to reach. You guys helped us reach 2 milestones on the weekend and earlier to day. The milestones and rewards are as follows:

  • 30 Players = All players now have access to /warp grinder
  • 40 Players = All players now have access to the reset kit!Use /kit reset

Thanks for helping MineRidge grow so fast, there's plenty of more rewards to come!

The staff have now finished the shop. However there's lots of slots available for more items. If you have shop item suggestions please post them down below with the buy and sell prices, and we will add them!

Buy items from the shop at /warp shop

The vote shop has now been setup! Visit www.mineridge.net/shop to spend points on new items!

Suggest more items to add to the vote shop down below!

Also, as its the new month, all votes have reset. The top 5 voters of this month will receive a $10 voucher to spend on the donation shop!

We're slowly going to add more features to the donation shop. We currently only have 1 rank. We don't plan to add more ranks just yet, but will add things such as in game cash, points and epic gear! Stay tuned.

Through out the week expect the following website changes:

  • Addition of the pvp stats and leaderboard page
  • A guide on how to download and install the cracked launcher and some info about the server
  • A rules and FAQ page
  • And sub forum guides and templates.

Lets hope for a great month on MineRidge!

MineRidge Team

skill3d_pro Add Obsidian [buy] 8 - 125$ sell 1 - $10 Add Witch Spawn Eggs [buy] 1 - 50,000 Add Quarts (not the block) [buy] 16 - $50 ...
Tomershaymor o i made an video of tutorial for the points shop. http://youtu.be/9y-v-g1L2CU ...
Alien Invasion Recovery Drop Party!
The alien invasion has been taken care of! Drop party this Friday!
We're resolving the "hacker" incident.
We now have hunger games!
Server is back online. Sorry for downtime.
If you guys didn't notice, I have fix the bug that keep you disconnecting.
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